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  Navarre Home Improvement is striving towards setting ourselves apart by maintaining integrity, job-site organization and security while remodeling: Taking greater accountability and upmost care in our remodeling endeavors.  We are enjoying creating custom painting, artful drywall and durable tile finishes producing happy customers and repeat remodeling business. Navarre Home Improvement uses good quality paints and products while remodeling for clients. Navarre Home Improvement focuses on never skipping a step on a client's home, protecting their previously existing flooring, furniture, etc. Retaining remodeling professionalism throughout a painting, drywall or tile home improvement project in Navarre and Destin from start to finish.



Navarre Home Improvement is committed to planning and executing top notch project management and upmost quality and consistency of our company's remodeling results. Navarre  Home Improvement is going above and beyond our remodeling competitors in Navarre and Destin areas; remaining fairly priced--doing excellent skilled trade and general remodeling! We love to paint, drywall and tile; possessing the experience to make your remodeling and home improvement visions for your home or business in Navarre and Destin areas solid reality! Navarre Home Improvement specializes in smooth ceilings, custom tile showers, bathroom and bedroom additions, professional painting and pressure washing, masonry and brick work and a host of other skilled trade home improvement services. We love things that add property value like kitchen remodels, custom tile backsplashes, custom tile layouts, custom shower additions, open living space conversion, pocket doors and custom shelving.



 While serving our remodeling clients through painting, drywall, tile--we are serving their children, neighbors, guests AND our entire community. We are taking great care in honesty, professionalism and a positive public image as our remodeling MO. We are looking forward to doing painting, drywall and tile work on your home improvement project in Navarre, Destin, and surrounding areas today!

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