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Navarre Remodeling and Custom Tile

Samuel's Bio

Our Story


My father Dr. James Samuel Welshans Adopted me when I was two months old. On assignment from NATO as a USAF LT. Colonial; saving me from starvation, depravity. . . declining promotion in USAF to come home and raise his four year old son, Samuel. Happening to be me, I feel inclined to share my story with prospective clients... My mother was a massage therapist for 33 years. My brother and dearest friend Oksen retiring from USMC after four tours in Iraq. His motto "from destruction to construction," forever echos in my heart. From a young age I was home-schooled and my Father taught me how to work on the house, about the English language, writing and philosophy. I practice massage, professional photography and have a skilled hand in remodeling; though Destiny's consultants have 30+ years experience. My Father taught me about how to treat people with kindness, humility and grace. My mother taught me how healing works, what love truly is, and what BUSINESS truly is. WE look forward to growth and development with our customers and their homes. 

Why We Operate


We do this for our children, our families and our future. We do this because it adds to others' lives; giving us a good living by helping people through developing and repairing communities.

(^--- Samuel Welshans IV, Jr.)



Standard operating protocol: We Vow in treating our customers with respect, integrity and steadfast uprightness. In our remodeling endeavors, we promise in treating our customers homes as our own; vowing truthfulness, faithfulness and honesty towards our clients. This is more than business to us--this is our way of life.